Let us be your warm introduction to ACE Companies in the Los Angeles & Orange County Area to get a paid summer internship!  

Step 1.   Send an email.  Ask for help.  Choose who you are going to reach out to and send a email.   Use your High School ACE team leader or any of our ACE board members or our Executive Director Anne Ettley  to guide and help you.      

Step 2.  Get your draft resume and cover email together and have your ACE Mentor review it.  Have your mentor help you create a great resume.  

Step 3.  Have a rifle focused plan on who you want to contact.  Click Here to look at our employment directory and put together your wish list of ACE companies.   

Step 4.  Let your ACE mentor or board member forward your email and introduce you.   Use your ACE network to get a warm introduction to the companies on your rifle focused job list.  

Step 5.  Follow up....Click Here for interview tips.....

Good Luck and GO ACE!!!   

Click here to have us review your resume and cover letter


Anne Ettley
Executive Director
ACE Mentor L.A./O.C.
Email Anne.

Mailing Address
407 N. Pacific Coast Hwy., #565
Redondo Beach, CA  90277
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